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Join us for a multi day virtual event discovering Your Sacred Self.

When: Friday September 25: 7pm – 9pm and Saturday, September 26: 9am – 4pm

Location: Online Zoom Event

Do you ever wonder why you can’t commit to your goals? Do you ever feel stuck and emotionally drained? Do you feel like you’ve given all you can give, and it’s still not enough?

Release Limitations and Strengthen your Foundation

This one and a half day event will allow you the opportunity to see yourself as the divine, powerful person you are. You will learn techniques that will help you release self-doubt and exhaustive emotions. Take your power back by changing ways of thinking that no longer serve you. Connect with others that are ready to be empowered. No matter what you want in your life- love, peace, connection, achievement- the Uplift Event, “Your Sacred Self”, can help you learn strategies to create a better life.

This will be an active event. Yoga will be incorporated both Friday and Saturday. Wear something you can move in. We believe that physical movement opens your body and mind to learn and retain knowledge at a higher capacity. No experience is necessary. Lunch will be provided on Saturday. If you would like to bring snacks to eat throughout the day you are welcome to do so. Get ready to  release what is no longer serving you and step into your sacred power.

Presenting at this event:

Bobbi Bowman

Brooke Prothero

Andrea Dickamore

Kristin Scheer